UFO turns out to be house

Ever see a sky so beautiful that you must take a picture? That was just how this pic came about. What I wasn’t expecting was the appearance an odd, unexplained shape seeming to be located in the sky.


original cropped image

I am decisively not a UFO sighting believer, at least not the aliens-are-running-Area-51 variety. I must admit that considering the vast amount of space, and galaxies and stars within, there is less chance of the planet Earth housing the only life in the universe than of this pathetic little blog landing me a pulitzer. To clarify, that means slimmer than slim. But that doesn’t mean that our little unidentified airborne blotch is anything other than an unidentified object, minus the flying. Oh, what the hey. Let’s zoom just a bit.



Well, it looks to me that it is nothing less than a flying house. I knew that they were remaking the Wizard of Oz, but in my area? Man, special effects are really getting lifelike.

Now that we’ve solved that mystery, we can rest easy. Until next time.

Merideth Grue


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