Writing Blues


It never ceases to amaze me what I notice about a manuscript after I submit it, either trying to get it critiqued or published.

How is it I can create three separate characters and all their names begin with the letter J. This of course looks completely normal to me until I know others will see it. J-j-just makes me wonder.

And what format to submit? The ugly one, of course. Safest bet, I’m sure of it. Dirty little spiral.


Not that the voices of my English teacher from high school, my mother and countless others haven’t piped up during the inevitable post-submission read.

How can I find the will to attempt to beat that contest deadline now?

Ugh. Maybe I’ll just paint for a while. I will plan this with the knowledge that it will lead my inner rebel to work once again.


2 responses to “Writing Blues

    • I know, right. I must get giddy or something, but my brain just seems to register zero intelligence at that moment. Maybe I will plan to save a draft of the submission, and sleep on that.

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