Button Pushing 3.0 How to view a draft for dummies like me

Word! No seriously, Microsoft Word related…

So, I am doing some post-minute editing. This is something I do after I submit, when all the errors jolt me awake at night or grip me during chores, causing semi-convulsions. And I have discovered something. Something other than I need to start reading instructions again.

Isn’t it nice to know you are the cause of your own frustration? (No.)

When editing a document, scrolling is abysmal in Print mode. You go along smoothly for a while, then pop! You’re on another page, place lost. There is a little button at the bottom of my Word window that gives me the option of Draft mode. Ha! Page breaks marked, no jump while scrolling. Where was this ages ago? Undiscovered by this gal.

So, my lesson for the day is: Push those buttons. Every single one.

Some twice.

Just save often. (Or consult the manual or Help files. Even take a class.)


Here’s a great link for shortcuts. You may want to use find in page to locate your most useful actions.

Shortcuts for Word


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