Cake Fear: The Wedding Edition

Cake Fear

Lovecraftian Dream by CAKE Amsterdam

Getting hitched is terrifying. Loving or fearing the idea, these horror-themed cakes will take that chill off the feet and move it to the heart.

Most these cakes are or could be wedding cakes, though some could be birthday or other celebration cakes. What occasion doesn’t just scream for frighteningly beautiful dessert?

Just make sure you eat it before it eats you.

The cake to the left is likely the cuddliest ethereal creature cake in existence. This Lovecraft-inspired, tentacle extending lagoon dweller sure has its eyes on a lifetime commitment. Don’t let it down.

It no doubt takes guts to theme a big event something so often considered offensive. Nonetheless, towering horror cakes are pictured across the net. Many popular themes have emerged, including zombies, brides attack, Tim Burton movies, skulls, and spider webs.

If cuddly isn’t your thing, maybe the next treats will do the trick.

See you at the altar.

Class is in… Movies

Carrie-01Back to school movie pick by Merideth Grue.

Let’s get in shape kiddos.

Physical Education

Carrie (1976) R
98 min – Horror

Sissy Spacek portrays a young 17-year-old girl with an abusive mother, telekinesis, and a predisposition for being teased. The ridicule heightens on prom night, leading to a bloody conclusion. Brian De Palma directs this first of many Stephen King novels to be adapted into a movie. Carrie moves us supernaturally. No matter how much you hate going back to school, it shouldn’t turn out like this.

Best quote:
Margaret White: They’re all gonna laugh at you.


Read the PG-13 picks here: Back to School Movie Night

Submerged by Urban Wall Art & Murals


This new artwork done in spray paint on canvas is scary beautiful. As serene as it appears, movement therein is undeniable. Beneath the crisp, flowing lines and delicate, misty shadows, a motion teases the surface, shifting and fluctuating with awareness unnoticeable in most modern art.

If this doesn’t take your breath away, you might want to check your pulse. With custom stencils and spray paint, Ray Ferrer has done it again.


Optimism – SOLD

Click the link for more great pieces. Maybe you’ll find something that moves you. Also, check out these places to browse or connect.


Urban Wall Art & Murals Blog

Yeah, paintins.


Nevermore - Abril Andrade Griffith

This time I want to share some professional paintings that I found intriguing, if not altogether comforting. Since art aims to affect us deeply, it’s no wonder that horror has a place in fine arts also. “Nevermore,” above, beings back images from my own childhood nightmares. And yet, it is… cute. I think.


Poltergeist - Tom Carlton

Speaking of childhood, this was the second movie to give me nightmares. The first being Platoon (nother story). The artist chose precisely the scariest image in the film. I’d set my TV outside, but it’s busy right now.

Think it’s my favorite.


Solitude - Ken Meyer

Just another awesome tonal study. Watercolor has never evoked this kind of emotion in me before. Love it enough to hang it up? Available online.


Uneasy - Matt Truiano

Hauntingly beautiful. So simple in form and genius in perspective. Yet so complex in color and texture. Plus, if you stare long enough, the skull sorta seems to float… Or I’m tired. Either way, sleep will be uneasy tonight, that’s for sure.

Hope you enjoyed!

Fear Art: More Pretty Scary Stuff

Enjoy these images of scary art from across the net and one pic of my own.


Match this!

That’s right. Matchsticks. Lots of them. The real nightmare is the contractor’s bill.


Escher plus

Reflective surfaces offer the best scares. Check here for why. Or here, if you’d rather have fun.


Scary Lisa

Every time I see this one, I’m reminded of a coworker who’s always trying to convince me that some of us are descended from aliens. Yep. I think she’s had some work done since.


Sidewalks are not safe

Is it December already? Sidewalk art brings out the best in pedestrians, I bet.

The internet scares me, btw.


Metal sculpture

Not sure where this is, but I like it. What will they do when they are done mourning, I wonder?


Curtains for you

If you’ve never seen kirigami (paper cut art), you need to.


Museum exhibit

I’ve tried some of this myself. You won’t find it in museums just yet.


Taken in Frederik Meijer Gardens, 2011

Look closely at the midsection of this one. I believe the sculptor was inspired by their relationship with their mother.

Three Things to Make You Woozy


Hug a tree lately?

Number one: Can’t believe this ad from Masterlock. It looks wicked cool, but the implications are disturbing. I think the one on the right was the one who forgot the key.

Must admit, prolly not this dedicated to saving the trees.


Dexter's dream date?

It’s only catsup. It’s only catsup. It’s only catsup.

Love, love, love this ad for stain remover. Kinda looks like what I saw in the glint of my date’s eye last time we were at dinner. Funny, he doesn’t eat catsup.


Wee! I’m dizzy, but in such a pretty way. Like in that hair-flip near head-stand way. Go ahead, go flip your hair, you know you want to.

Pretty sure something about that made you woozy.

UFO turns out to be house

Ever see a sky so beautiful that you must take a picture? That was just how this pic came about. What I wasn’t expecting was the appearance an odd, unexplained shape seeming to be located in the sky.


original cropped image

I am decisively not a UFO sighting believer, at least not the aliens-are-running-Area-51 variety. I must admit that considering the vast amount of space, and galaxies and stars within, there is less chance of the planet Earth housing the only life in the universe than of this pathetic little blog landing me a pulitzer. To clarify, that means slimmer than slim. But that doesn’t mean that our little unidentified airborne blotch is anything other than an unidentified object, minus the flying. Oh, what the hey. Let’s zoom just a bit.



Well, it looks to me that it is nothing less than a flying house. I knew that they were remaking the Wizard of Oz, but in my area? Man, special effects are really getting lifelike.

Now that we’ve solved that mystery, we can rest easy. Until next time.

Merideth Grue

Necessity calls to question…

For my first post, I bring you a find from a recent excursion as captured by my Samsung phone cam. The place of business providing such inspiration shall remain unnamed. Let’s just say I needed to use the facilities once there.

Some questions arose as I was passed this gem, which is none other than a bathroom key attached to a skimmer. Most recognize the skimmer as a common kitchen utensil used to, well, skim objects from their liquidy surroundings. As the business end was extended to me, I promptly did a reach around and pinch-gripped the topmost part of the handle, all while fully realizing the level of desperation to which my day had sank.


Note the word “restroom” written in permanent marker across the skimming end of my key to salvation.

Oh! Of necessity and questioning. Anyone should understand the need to make a public restroom key easy to locate, or less difficult to – umm – retrieve. At which point the skimmer became a necessity in the bathroom key’s continuance remains unclear. Who first suggested the utility of such a pairing? Why was I still touching it as I was considering these and other things?

I may never (want to) know.

By the way, you may wish to turn your device’s shutter sound off before taking any in-bathroom photos. This action will belay those post bathroom visit leers you may receive otherwise.

Merideth Grue