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Here’s the fiction, and I’m not just making up stories.


All Along on MicroHorror.

  One conversation with a side of unearthly silence.

Just keep talking.

Kiss a World Goodbye on 50-Word Stories.

Letting go makes room for something other than loneliness.

One kiss.



On the Path weird tale on Bewildering Stories.

Alice encounters a suspicious stranger who has her making tracks for unfamiliar waters on her run.

Run if you will.

New Word Order on Voluted Tales: Voluted Dreams Vol Two. $

Ray dipped in imagination and learned the power of words.

Orders up.

Don’t Stare self-published on Wattpad.

One gathering plus one ominous bottle of vodka produces shared insanity.

Look away.


Parafornication in 100 Doors to Madness anthology $

“100 scares. 100 authors. 100 ways…”
Two girls, one camera, and desertion.

The door to fame swings one way.


Couple Modifications in Dark Side of the Moon anthology. $

 Compilation of sci-fi, horror, and strange tales inspired by Pink Floyd’s album of the same name.
Lily wants to be at Sam’s side, as long as he’s encased in Ash’s body.

All’s fair in love and medicine.

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Merideth Grue lives in Michigan with her long, fat cat and long, tall biker boyfriend. She enjoys the grotesquely beautiful, finger painting, and the keys. Find more Grue at