10 Questions I Have For Charles Manson’s Fiancée



As real life horror unfolds on the news daily,  I just wonder “Star”  –

1) Are you doing this for the book deal? You can tell me. Do you need someone to help you write it?

2) Do you believe conjugal visits with an 80 year old could be ill fated?

3) Do you really believe that Manson is innocent based on the fact that he and his cult, I mean family, we’re arrested for other charges before one of them confessed to the atrocities she’d committed in his honor?

4) Do you also think the “blacks” will win the race war? Have you reserved a special place in the desert? Somewhere warmer?

5) Have you ever been to Ferguson? No,  seriously. Have you?

6) Is it true what they say about Baptist girls?

7) Why, for the love of all that’s sacred, why?

8) What’s your favorite Beatles album?

9) Did they teach Civics in your school?

10) Do psychotropic drugs work for you? Or, alternatively, do you turn to LSD for most big life choices?