Necessity calls to question…

For my first post, I bring you a find from a recent excursion as captured by my Samsung phone cam. The place of business providing such inspiration shall remain unnamed. Let’s just say I needed to use the facilities once there.

Some questions arose as I was passed this gem, which is none other than a bathroom key attached to a skimmer. Most recognize the skimmer as a common kitchen utensil used to, well, skim objects from their liquidy surroundings. As the business end was extended to me, I promptly did a reach around and pinch-gripped the topmost part of the handle, all while fully realizing the level of desperation to which my day had sank.


Note the word “restroom” written in permanent marker across the skimming end of my key to salvation.

Oh! Of necessity and questioning. Anyone should understand the need to make a public restroom key easy to locate, or less difficult to – umm – retrieve. At which point the skimmer became a necessity in the bathroom key’s continuance remains unclear. Who first suggested the utility of such a pairing? Why was I still touching it as I was considering these and other things?

I may never (want to) know.

By the way, you may wish to turn your device’s shutter sound off before taking any in-bathroom photos. This action will belay those post bathroom visit leers you may receive otherwise.

Merideth Grue