Walk on the Dark Side


Music can change our hearts, but can it change our minds? What if life reflected a song instead of the other way around?

Inspired ny music, the anthology Dark Side of the Moon contains short fiction from the ragged, mad corners of the mind. Named after Pink Floyd’s album of the same name, this book stretches the imagination to the tunes of some psychedelic progressive rock.

Plus, my short story “Couple Modifications” is on the set list! (Catches random clothing article and flashes winning smile.)

Dark Side of the Moon is now available on amazon and createspace! Will update the fiction page shortly, but here are the links. Kindle on amazon.com or paperback at createspace



It’s kinda what it sounds like. But, if you want to read it, you’ll have to wait until 100 Doors to Madness comes out from Forgotten Tomb Press. The anthology promises there are many doorways to madness, one hundred of which exist between its covers. “100 scares. 100 authors. 100 ways…”

Just one, ‘Parafornication’ tells a tale of found video footage that will turn heads. Can reading it expose a portal to the ethereal dimension where restless spirits are clamoring to get through?¬†Probably not, but you might¬†get sucked in anyway.

Merideth Grue

On the (right) Path

wpid-Fictpath.jpgMy short story On the Path has been published on Bewildering Stories! This online speculative fiction magazine is free to read and contains quality stories of various lengths. Click in and stay awhile; it’s worth it.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be accepted. It’s like cheerleading tryouts never happened.

The story? Avid runner Alice visits her favorite park where she encounters a stranger who behaves suspiciously.

Thanks everyone for your help, support, and interest. I really appreciate it. No matter how life wrings you out, keep trying to iron out the wrinkles with a smile.

Writing matter$

wpid-PicsArt_1372038663844.jpgIf you write and succeed in being published, you know that it isn’t for the money. You’ll likely need an agent to ensure that you ever make any money at all, not just that coveted position in the stores or seller’s lists.

Because it’s the achievement, the recognition, that we’re in it for. And that image is what we see, not the numbers or bills.

Writing is not a choice career for those relying on it for a dependable, steady income. Not that it cannot provide one, it’s just highly unlikely and very, very hard work.

Many writers actually end up spending money on their craft. Workshops, classes, books, writing implements, and, if you’re lucky, an agent. And copies of your published success for your closest friends and family.

So, when do you get paid for your work? When you do. For now, just roll around in that which money cannot buy: happiness.