Fear Art: More Pretty Scary Stuff

Enjoy these images of scary art from across the net and one pic of my own.


Match this!

That’s right. Matchsticks. Lots of them. The real nightmare is the contractor’s bill.


Escher plus

Reflective surfaces offer the best scares. Check here for why. Or here, if you’d rather have fun.


Scary Lisa

Every time I see this one, I’m reminded of a coworker who’s always trying to convince me that some of us are descended from aliens. Yep. I think she’s had some work done since.


Sidewalks are not safe

Is it December already? Sidewalk art brings out the best in pedestrians, I bet.

The internet scares me, btw.


Metal sculpture

Not sure where this is, but I like it. What will they do when they are done mourning, I wonder?


Curtains for you

If you’ve never seen kirigami (paper cut art), you need to.


Museum exhibit

I’ve tried some of this myself. You won’t find it in museums just yet.


Taken in Frederik Meijer Gardens, 2011

Look closely at the midsection of this one. I believe the sculptor was inspired by their relationship with their mother.