Remastered Bigfoot More or Less Fake? Watch!


This holiday we have more to consider than fireworks and freedom. We have new insights into Bigfoot’s existence peppering the news.

In 1967, Roger set out on horseback, hunting Bigfoot with a timeless weapon – a camera. They made history. Keep in mind, they had admittedly planned to shoot a Bigfoot movie and chose a research area known for reported sightings. During this research exposition, they captured what they claim to be the creature on film. The footage begins once the cameraman’s horse was calmed down.

Recent efforts stabilized this film and isolated some of the best footage of the Sasquatch (or Yeti) of the northern wilderness. Check out the results on YouTube.


My initial reaction is mixed. Cryptozoologists deny the existence of this and many other mythical beasts. But who’s to say that we haven’t discovered all of Earth’s denizens just yet? It’s a wide world and the uncharted is under speculation, not regulation.

Besides, if I was a previously uncategorized ape-man, I’d be busy avoiding the community spirit at the fated wildlife reserve. Or worse.

Let’s take a look at the specimen as caught on camera. Those long toes. Those intense eyes. Those jiggly jugs. There’s is a visceral argument of authenticity. But that booty? That’s faker than an aging rock star’s promo photos. And the swinging arms? The homosapien-like gait?


Furthermore, genetics professor Bryan Sykes from Oxford University tested the DNA of a supposed hair swatch from Sasquatch. His findings revealed the hair more likely originated from various forest animals – like wolves, bears, and squirrels – than one legendary beast.

Looks like our festivities can continue without fear of Sasquatch attack. Phew.


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