Three Things to Make You Woozy


Hug a tree lately?

Number one: Can’t believe this ad from Masterlock. It looks wicked cool, but the implications are disturbing. I think the one on the right was the one who forgot the key.

Must admit, prolly not this dedicated to saving the trees.


Dexter's dream date?

It’s only catsup. It’s only catsup. It’s only catsup.

Love, love, love this ad for stain remover. Kinda looks like what I saw in the glint of my date’s eye last time we were at dinner. Funny, he doesn’t eat catsup.


Wee! I’m dizzy, but in such a pretty way. Like in that hair-flip near head-stand way. Go ahead, go flip your hair, you know you want to.

Pretty sure something about that made you woozy.