Changes to Fiction Page

Yes! I live. And I’m updating my Fiction page with paintings. Let me explain.

So, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I have been writing. The words have been hitting the pages and cutting board alike – as is expected until the nightmares stop – but not the publishing floor. It may be a while yet faithful fans (all 2.5 of you), but rest assured that the grue shall return in full blood and glory.

Thanks to a friend, there are new images on the Fiction page. All the previously published fiction is still listed there. Let me know if the links are down. Not long ago they were working just fine. Some of the websites are dead or dying. Ughhh. I apologize and will continue to work to bring the grue to you




Shameless plug –> All these wonderful 4 by 6 inch gouache paintings are available for purchase. That’s right. Don’t charge (haha).

Not saying much yet about the horrors to come to the Fiction page in the way of actual fiction. Expect more bad dreams, more warped delusions, and more shivers.  More better and more available? ‘Til then, keep the covers over your head and your feet tucked in.

Thanks for hanging in there.


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